Best single speed road bike Under 200/300/400 Dollars

Single speed road bikes are usually much lower priced, lighter in weight and also mechanically simpler when compared with a geared bicycle with identical standard. Because of no derailleur there is much less elements that need maintenance therefore these kinds of bicycles is definitely an ideal choice for city commuting. They’re eye appealing because of their minimalistic look and also frequently feature really alternative paintwork plus styling, permitting you to stand out from everyone else. But choosing one ideal for you can be tricky, here we present the Best single speed road bike Under 200/300/400 Dollars to you.

Compare Report: Best single speed road bike Under 200/300/400

The single speed road bike really magnifies the actual ‘road feel’, as well as an improved understanding of the way the bike responds to various road surfaces and also obstructions in the way. Presently on the market, there exist so many brands boasting different features. This review is aimed at informing you of the Best road bike under 500 dollars

Reviews: Best single speed road bike Under 200/300/400

Best single speed road bike Under $ 200

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road BikeThe actual Kabuto is focused on keeping items simple and also having it carried out without having to break the bank. In the middle of the Kabuto you-Feetll discover a robust hand made metallic body together with horizontal dropouts which can manage the misuse of the actual large city. The Kabuto was outfitted with some sort of flip flop pest to help you perform it as a set gear or even in normal freewheel single-speed setting without needing to worry about modifications to temperamental parts.

Why you CANNOT miss this one

The actual 32 pit alloy wheels roll upon loud Kenda 700 x 32 tires which are competent at enduring very poor roads. Front and back alloy side draw braking systems round out this breathtaking model.

  1. Metallic body plus fork; 54 centimeter prime tube
  2. Alloy rims along with alloy hub
  3. Tig-welded metallic framework along with horizontal drop out
  4. Alloy side pull braking systems
  5. Weighs about 29.5 lbs
  6. Average consumer reviews: 3.9 out of 5 stars
  7. Price: $ 176.04-$ 372.39

Consumer Reviews

I purchased this bicycle in Jan 11. Wrapping for this bike was just as expected, extremely sturdy. The set-up for this bike is great and simple and also needed simply fundamental equipment to have her up and also operating within just ten minutes. Therefore, with  that mentioned, this really is ideal for anyone thinking of purchasing a cost-effective, top quality, and chic bicycle. Fancy colours, massive tires, comfy to cycle, although perhaps it’s kind of on the hefty side, yet still sleek, easy and quick and also the flip-hub feature, which provides you with the alternative of venturing in set gear, is a superb addition.

Best single speed road bike Under $ 300

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pista Drop Bars

Best single speed road bike Under $ 300California-based firm Critical Cycles creates the industry’s top rated fixed-gear bike. Created and dispersed with the passion for biking, the actual Critical Cycles Fixie offers all of the power for the rider. With 170 dimensions and also colour combinations to pick from, this particular bicycle conforms to the riders’ features. Even though what the actual rider desires isn’t a fixie in any respect. The advantage of this specific road bike under 300 is actually its versatility. It possesses a flip-flop centre, which can change this beautiful little fixie right into a single-speed bicycle in seconds. Flip the rear tire around then you’ve really got a freewheeling bike which will ride just like any other bicycle you have ever ridden. Riding set is just a choice, do what you would like to.

Why you CANNOT miss this one

You can ride this bike just about everywhere! Fixies are really, hands down, your best option for cycling around the city if you’re travelling upon mainly paved roads. The actual control cyclists possess whilst cycling over a set gear bike is unequalled, making bumpy road, potholes, as well as slippery situations much easier to overcome. And when you determine to ride this bike like a single-speed instead of a fixed-gear, the destination choices are limitless.

  1. Average consumer reviews: 4.1 out of 5 stars
  2. Price: $ 219.99

Consumer Reviews

Well, it really looks awesome. Nice and clean, very simple layout, quite light-weight. I began  riding freewheel, and got absolutely no difficulties with clicking or anything else.

The item arrives along with three allen keys along with a wrench thingie which can be effortlessly stowed away and brought on-the-go, if you happen to intend to make any modifications.

Seat is quite comfortable. So are those grips.

Best single speed road bike Under $ 400

Retrospec Fixie Style Siddhartha Single Speed Urban Coaster Brake Bike

Best single speed road bike Under $ 400This bike is in a sleek and minimalist style. The natural leather grips, mustache handle bars as well as leather seat give you the comfort of a seaside cruiser whilst the track bicycle body gives an aggressive journey for downtown endeavors.. Quando Coaster braking hubs enable foot braking.

Why you CANNOT miss this one

All of the frames are tig-welded and can be purchased in lots of colours to match your personal distinctive style. This bike is created with top quality materials, being not just durable but affordable as well.

  1. Price: 249.99 dollars
  2. Average consumer reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Consumer Reviews

One of the initial points that convinced me to get this specific bicycle had been the Cost-free Amazon Perfect 2-day delivery. It is extremely simple to set up using the appropriate equipment General easy and stylish chrome bicycle. Really like the brown seat as well as handle bars. Really enjoy the deep v white-colored rims.


After reading this review about these three fantastic single speed road bikes, I guess that you may have the right one in your mind. But if unfortunately not, you can turn to another review of us—Best Cheap road bike under 500.

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